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    About TGC Innovation

    TGC Innovation Pvt. Ltd. is your trusted IT company with diverse specializations and interests. It offers a wide range of services like website development, application development, digital marketing, web designing services, technical support services, etc. to suit the needs of its esteemed clients spread over the globe. With around a decade of experience in the specialized fields to boast about and a big work portfolio to showcase TGC Innovation has carved its niche in the IT segment. TGC Innovation has a big team of experienced and highly talented professionals who can work magic to bring your dream website into reality. With many creative designers, we ensure that your website always looks apart from the lot. Our developers make your website error free, fast and functional so that all your expectations from the website can turn into reality.

    The best part of getting your website designed and developed from TGC Innovation is that we not only create an amazing website for you but also undertake its promotion at the most reasonable costs so that you can get one stop solution for all your IT endeavours. We strive to create an environment where you can focus on your core strengths and leave all such worries to us and we assure you that we’ll bring your website to the top of the SERPs page in the shortest duration possible. With hundreds of clients spread all over the globe, our work is a proof that we have been doing reasonably well in the segment and have met the expectations of our clients successfully.

    TGC Innovation has always believed that any company or enterprise can only succeed exceptionally well if it gives the due credit to its talented and motivated employees and that’s why from the selection process of our employees to providing them the best working environment we leave no stone unturned. TGC Innovation always tries to pick the best talents in the industry and then provides them extensive training so that they get fully accustomed to provide exceptionally satisfactory services to our clients. Either they are the designers, developers, programmers, coders, tech support professionals or customer care executives working in TGC Innovation Pvt. Ltd. everyone is given their due credit and importance. TGC Innovation believes in giving freedom to express new ideas and innovative thoughts irrespective of the place they are coming from and that’s why it has been able do fascinating work in the whole past one decade in such a fiercely competitive world.

    TGC Innovation also holds special expertise in providing off-shore and on-site technical support services to its clients and has always tried to excel in this technical field. With capability and experience to successfully provide technical support for a wide range of products and services like computers, printers, antivirus, routers, applications, OS, etc. TGC Innovation is a well -known name in this segment too. TGC Innovation offers technical support through various mediums like 24 x 7 phone support, chat support, email support or support through remote access with one point objective that the clients problems get resolved in the shortest duration possible and to that end we have a strong team of certified engineers who can resolve all the problems in the covered products and services instantly.

    Apps Development is a field which has become over crowded in the past few years with little depth of quality and expertise. TGC Innovation strongly believes that just developing template based applications which are not fulfilling the needs of the clients or aren’t as responsive as they should be is of no value and at times may also prove to be counter-productive. Software Developers at TGC Innovation always ensure that the apps developed by them are error free, highly responsive, fully functional and fulfil the complete set of requirements of the client. They are extensively tested on multiple devices and a full beta cycle is run so that the client can get the best product in the shortest duration possible while also being very reasonable and competitive in pricing. TGC Innovation’s software development team can develop applications for Android, IOS, Blackberry and Windows with same ease and proficiency.

    TGC Innovation is your technology partner for all your IT endeavours, either you are thinking of getting a new website or want to redesign your existing website or feel the needs of an app for various mobile platforms or want technical support, you can trust us for efficient and reliable services in all the segments. With 24 x7 technical support and highly responsible management you will always find us as your one stop solution for all your IT needs.