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  • Android Application Development

    Our Android App Development Services Include

    Android has completely revolutionized the smartphone segment and taken it by sway. As per conservative estimates it has around 1.4 billion users worldwide and that is a whooping number. Android holds a lion’s share in the mobile operating system market with almost 87.5% mobiles using the Android operating system. In the fierce US market alone it has more than 53% of usage share and in China the percentage of people using Android goes up to more than 76%. These facts are enough to illustrate the importance of Android for people looking to monetize their ventures in the cyberspace as Android holds a lot of potential. In comparison to laptops and computers the mobile phones are picked up more frequently and can show notifications with more personal touch and it has been observed that usually Android users touch their phones around 2617 times on an average basis and it means that during those interactions even your application can get a chance to flash its notification to the user. TGC Innovation has a great experience in developing highly functional, usable and attractive applications and games for Android platform and if you have a requirement for one then we will give you the right solution for it.

    Some of the Exclusive advantages of getting your Applications developed from us:

    Custom Application Development

    Customization is the key to ensure that the user gets the best of the results from any application and you get the desired results quickly. TGC Innovation can build customized applications for you so that you can grow your business through them. We will integrate all the required functionalities and, also update the application from time to time for greater results.

    Application for every business need

    We can build highly engaging and entertaining applications which can keep your audience coming back for more with the help of our rich UX. We can design the applications as per your business needs so that the application can easily cater to your needs and get the desired results and provide appropriate information.

    GPS and Wi-Fi enabled applications

    In this age of functionalities get your applications GPS and Wi-Fi enabled so that you can provide more focused information to the users and get better statistics. The applications will be performance rich and give great value addition.

    Ecommerce Solutions

    Mobile platforms have proven to be the biggest market for Ecommerce stores as the user is always in touch and impulse buying can be triggered here. But, a fussy application can lead to negative conversion rates and leave your customers disappointed. TGC Innovation can develop the perfect Ecommerce applications for you which can assist buying and booking operations. Our applications will streamline the whole process so that the user can complete the transactions without any problem and remains assured of security.

    Game Development

    Either you are looking for graphic and action rich games or simple puzzle games, TGC Innovation has the right solution for everything. We can develop the required games for you which work perfectly well for you. Our applications will enrich the gaming experience of your users and will make them come back again and again for more. We have a team of specialists with passion to develop exciting and experience rich games for Android platform.

    Finance Related Applications

    Managing finances on the go and remaining in touch of the latest financial happenings has become a trend today and if you are looking for such an application which can provide complete financial solution to the users then come to TGC Innovation. We can develop any kind of Financial application for you.

    Travel and Utility Application

    If you are trying to catch the immense potential in the travel and tourism segment and want an application that assist your dreams, then come to TGC Innovation. We can develop the perfect application for you which can make travel planning of your users easy and connect them to you directly. We can add a host of functionalities in the applications as per your requirement so that getting more and more business gets easier for you.

    New and Awareness Applications

    Everyone wants to remain updated with the day to day happenings and if you are looking forward towards providing news and updates then we can develop the ideal application for you. TGC Innovation possesses experience in developing news and awareness applications which can keep your users up to date with the current happening without being too intrusive.

    TGC Innovation can build any type of Android application for you as per your requirement and can ensure that the applications come with an assurance of performance. We are committed to provide you error free, fully functional application which can attract the users. We look after all the technical aspects of the applications like usability, functionality, user experience and UI so that you can get the best results out of them.

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