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  • Digital Marketing

    Our Digital Marketing Services

    If you have a website, then Digital Marketing wouldn’t be a new word for you but it is possible that you might not have explored the full potential of these services yet. Digital marketing can help your business get wings in the shortest duration possible by helping you get searched easily on the search pages. It can get you more business at the least costs and make you famous in the virtual world. What big brands have been doing since centuries through big advertising campaigns can be achieved virtually with digital marketing. TGC Innovation can help you in your digital marketing campaign in several ways and can provide a complete range of services from managing your SEO strategy to running full scale marketing campaign.

    The set of various services offered by TGC Innovation are as follows:

    Search Engine Optimization

    Getting a top rank on the search engine pages of Google, Bing, etc. is any business owner’s dream but, it isn’t as easy to achieve as it sounds. There is a very fierce competition out there and continuous effort must be made to come on the top pages. Search engines, especially Google the most widely used search engine keeps making various changes to its search algorithms and hence the task becomes even more difficult. TGC Innovation can help you in getting the top listing on the search pages. With dedicated Search Engine Optimization, comprehensive content management, proper SEO strategies we can help you come in the forefront so that you can get better leads and achieve a higher traffic rate on your website.

    Social Media Marketing

    Social media has emerged as a great force in the past few years and platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest have become increasingly popular. They serve as a great platform for brand awareness and promotion of any product, service or company. If you also want to take advantage of the mass appeal of these Social Media platforms, then you can achieve this through Social Media Marketing. TGC Innovation can help you in this feat through its strong social media presence. Our Social Media Marketers can run strategic marketing campaigns for the creating your brand awareness on these platforms.

    Email marketing

    Email marketing helps you in taking your marketing campaign directly to your target audience’s email inbox. However, it is to be noted that unfocussed or out of the line marketing will not only prove fruitless but also create a negative impact on your prospective customers. TGC Innovation can help you in running well formed marketing campaigns so that your conversions can increase and your ROI sees new highs at a faster pace. We have a great deal of experience in running email marketing campaigns for our customers and we can do the same for you too.

    Pay Per Click

    Pay Per Click or PPC campaigns are the best way to attract paid traffic to your new website and start getting conversions through an early start. However, it should be noted that ill focused campaigns or misdirected ones can lead to bad rankings and higher costs. If you want to get instant success for your business through PPC campaigns, then come to TGC Innovation and we can run and manage the whole campaign for you so that you can increase traffic and conversion and earn profits from the very beginning.

    Brand Management

    Brand management has become very important these days as negative reviews and testimonials can leave a very bad impression on your business. TGC Innovation can help you in this feat and will help in managing your Brand image on the search engines and social network platforms. Our Brand management team will always try to manage the bad reviews and testimonials and increase your positive image so that you can get more business and promote yourself as a positive brand. We understand that posturing can at times be crucial for any business and hence we will let no stone unturned in ensuring that you always look positive as a brand.

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    From a bad landing page to your website being unresponsive there can be a hundred reasons for low conversion rate on your website. High conversion rate is important not only for profits but also for a good ranking on the search engine pages and hence ensuring it is very important. TGC Innovation can serve as your consultant and advisor for ensuring higher conversion rate. We will analyze all the reasons leading to low conversion rate and ensure that your conversion rate increases over the time. We understand that getting leads takes a lot of effort and money and not being able to convert the same can be very dissatisfying and hence we try to resolve that very problem.

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