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  • iOS Application Development

    iOS Application Development

    Apple is world’s most trusted brand and its iPhones have a great appeal to the public. Apple’s iPhones run on dedicated iOS operating system which makes them exclusive. iOS may be used only for Apple iPhones yet its demand is not limited as more than 1.5 million apps are available on iOS play store. In 2015 alone there were more than 100 million applications downloads on iOS play store and there have been more than 140 billion app downloads on Apple’s iOS App store. Apple’s iOS provides a great platform for taking your website, game, store, blog to the global audience. TGC Innovation can develop the desired application for the iOS platform the way you want it to be. We have a team of experts which can bring your imagination to virtual reality and make it fully functional. Our experts have great experience in developing error free and highly usable iOS applications.

    Some of the iOS application development services offered

    iPhone Game Development

    If you want to develop an engaging game for your target audience, then TGC Innovation can provide you the same. Our developers can give you the desired game with the required level of thrill and features which can keep your target audience glued to the game. Our developers focus on the gaming experience and user needs so that their attraction to the game never ends. Either you are trying to make an educational game, promotional one or just trying to get a thrilling adventure story through our expert can execute the same.

    Music App Development

    Music applications are the ones which have the highest patronage as people love their music. Applications simplify their music demands to the desired levels and cater to their cravings and that’s what makes them the user’s favourite. If you are looking to get a music app which can capture the fancy of the users, then come to TGC Innovation for the same. We can develop the desired music applications for you with your set of definitions. The applications will be highly scalable and free of errors so that the users can get a great music listening experience.

    Online Booking App Development

    TGC Innovation can develop a fully functional and hassle free online booking, reservation application which can work wonders for your business if you want to give your users the opportunity to book your services online. From easy work options to great payment options the applications can have all the required features as per your need. Applications developed by us ensure you can have a smooth error free operation always.

    Education App Development

    TGC Innovation can develop highly interactive and interesting educational apps for you which enrich and strengthen the learning process of the users. Applications develop by us will have a definitive learning edge and will prove to be intriguing to the learning minds and inspire them to dig deeper.

    Social/ Chat Application Development

    If you think you have the creativity and spark to make something revolutionary in social networking, then we can give that application a real form. Our experts can make highly interactive social networking or chap applications for you which fulfil all the criteria required by you.

    Ecommerce applications

    Ecommerce has a very wide potential in the mobile apps segment as they can lead to greater sales and customer connectivity. They channelize regular notifications of offers and promos and, also lead to impulse buying and hence add up to the ROI. TGC Innovation can develop the right Ecommerce applications for iOS platform which can lead to greater sales and interaction. We can make hassle free applications which are easy to use and can be customize to suit the needs of the users. If you are looking for an Ecommerce application to suit your needs, then we have the right solution for you at the most affordable pricing.

    Travel Application

    Travel is a segment which can flourish greatly if you provide your customers ease of access. Travel applications which can support online reservations, booking, payments help a lot in promoting any business and, also give a lot of assurance and convenience to the users. If you are also in the same business, then TGC Innovation develop the suitable application for you.

    TGC Innovation not only offers you application development services but also provides backend support and maintenance for the applications so that you do not have to worry about trivial technical matters. We provide round the clock technical support for all such issues so that our clients do not have to tackle any technical glitch if it arises ever. We are always there to serve you the best.

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