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  • Online Marketing

    Online Marketing Services For Everyone

    Online marketing is the best way to reach to the masses in the shortest duration possible. You can make your blog, portal, ecommerce store or website popular on various fronts and generate qualified traffic in very short period through online marketing techniques. Online marketing can be done through various measures and organic measures as well as paid mediums can be used for it. TGC Innovation can help you in your Online marketing pursuits. We have a team of dedicated Online Marketing experts who can run marketing campaigns for you so that your initiative can get popular really fast and gain the required patronage in shortest duration so that you can monetize it accordingly.

    We offer Online Marketing Services in the following domains:

    Search engine Optimization Services

    Search Engine Optimization is the best way to gain organic search listing and TGC Innovation can help you in running a strategic SEO campaign. We can ensure that you get the desired traffic through your SEO efforts and we will also optimize your website for the best results. Our SEO experts will give you inputs on the required changes and suggest the strategies through which the SEO campaign can gain a better momentum and yield better results. So, if you are looking to beef up your SEO initiatives or want to get your website optimized for SEO standards then TGC Innovation is the place for same.

    PPC Campaign

    Paid advertising can bring faster results for any new website and increase traffic on the old websites too. But, a poorly run PPC campaign can burn a big hole in your profits as it may lead to lesser ROI. TGC Innovation can ensure that not only your PPC campaign gets better leads but qualified leads with higher rate of conversion. We do this by running the PPC campaign based on highly researched keywords focused on targeted geographical locations. We also keep analyzing the effectiveness of the keywords on regular basis and make all the allied modification on subsidiary factors like the landing pages, responsiveness, etc. so that the chances of conversion get higher.

    Social Media marketing

    TGC Innovation understands the power of Social networking in the present times and that’s why we run dedicated social media marketing campaigns for our clients so that a better brand awareness can be created for our clients. Our SMM’s can increase your presence on the social network platforms so that your referrals and conversions can increase manifold. Our Social Media Marketing team always focuses on creating awareness and recognition for your brand on the social networks so that people can easily relate to them and trust it easily at the time of making the purchase.

    Conversion Optimization

    Conversions are highly important for any business as only they lead to actual profit in real world. No amount of leads, hits, likes or traffic can bring profit to a business if the conversions are not taking place and problems in conversions can take place due to many reasons. Maybe there is a problem in your landing page or your cart is not that customer friendly or the problem is lying somewhere else. TGC Innovation seeks all such core issues leading to a low conversion rate and resolves them so that overall company profits can be increased profitably. We can optimize your conversions by resolving problems in your landing pages, carts and other obstacles causing low conversion rate.

    Content Marketing

    Content has become very important in today’s world. Either it is the textual content, video content or supply of any other kind of information, it is the way the target audience find a way to connect to you. Focus on right content can bring success for your business at a faster pace and also ensure easy recognition of your brand. TGC Innovation focuses on supplying the right content to the readers so that an easy rapport can be build. We create content that is highly informative and ensures the readers that you hold authority on the subject and hence the prospective customer is more likely to trust you with the same. We do not limit ourselves to any single medium for content creation and can use content in form of blogs, articles, infographics, video material or pictorial form as long as it has the ability to convey the right message to the audience. We believe that in all these years of online marketing we have understood Content Marketing in detail and hence we can use it for the best benefit of our clients.

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