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  • Pay Per Click

    Pay Per Click Services

    Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is one of the fastest ways to get instant traffic to any website. It can give you targeted lead based upon the researched keywords so that you can get qualified traffic. TGC Innovation can help you in running comprehensive PPC campaigns which can give you faster success rate. Our qualified AdWords experts can give your PPC campaigns the desired edge so that you can have a better conversion rate and ROI.

    Some of the Advantages of running PPC campaigns

    • • Get relevant traffic to your website through well researched target keywords
    • • Immediate results guaranteed
    • • You can focus on specific geographical locations easily
    • • Ensure great ROI by targeted PPC campaigns
    • • Get better rate slabs over the time and no minimum bar for running the campaigns
    • • Target specific demographics keeping linguistic regions in mind
    • • Get opportunities to retarget the visitors which didn’t get converted into results in the first attempt
    • • Enhance your online reputation by displaying ads over organic searches

    TGC Innovation offers a very wide spectrum of services for PPC campaign and you can choose to avail even our advisory services or comprehensive PPC campaign management services. The range of services offered by TGC Innovation are as follows:

    PPC Consultation

    Although, running a PPC campaign seems to be a single job as nothing much looks to be done at the outset and you can start getting the leads once the ads start running but this is not completely true. A misguided PPC campaign will not only waste a lot of money but also earn you negative rating on the search engines due to high bounce rate of the visitors and hence it is important that your PPC campaigns are run by experienced people. TGC Innovation offers its expert consultation services on running a targeted PPC campaign for better results in minimum expenses.

    Keyword Analysis

    TGC Innovation’s experts pay a lot of attention towards the effectiveness of the keywords and constantly monitor the results they are fetching so that you can get the best results out of them. This will not only save a lot of money for you but will also send qualified leads to your website and help in improvement of your conversion possibilities. If right keyword selection is the criterion for you then TGC Innovation can solve this problem for you.

    Optimization of the Landing Page

    Landing page is a very important thing to analyze if you are not able to convert the leads despite good traffic to your website. TGC Innovation carefully analyzes the problems in the landing page and optimizes it for better results. It is to be clearly noted that any kind of marketing techniques can only bring traffic to your website but the final conversion must be done by your website and if the landing page is not supportive of that or is difficult to navigate then it might lead to lower conversion rate. TGC Innovation experts can analyze the problems in the landing pages and optimize them for best results.

    Dynamic Campaign strategy

    TGC Innovation does not form a static campaign strategy which must be followed for the entire campaign schedule. We believe in constantly testing the strategy for best results. The various components of the campaign strategy are evaluated from time to time and changed or modified if they are not giving the desired results.

    A/B testing

    TGC Innovation believes that at the end of the day only conversion rate decides the success of any campaign and hence we are always up for Conversion Rate Optimization. We follow comprehensive approach and do the A/B Testing of the landing pages to get the result oriented landing pages which can yield the best conversion rate.

    Visitor Retargeting

    A visitor on the site is a lead to be followed and not a disappointment and that’s why TGC Innovation treats this data with great value. If the landing page could not convert the visitor in the first attempt, then also with the help of the data we try to retarget the visitor again so that the conversion rate can be increased.

    Social Media Coverage

    TGC Innovation covers all platforms in its PPC campaigns and Social Media Platforms are also an important part of this list. We run ads of all platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. so that more and more people come across your brand and a comprehensive brand awareness can be created.

    ROI Analysis

    Every campaign should always be result oriented and we believe this to the core and that’s why TGC Innovation always does regular ROI Analysis to understand the effectiveness of the campaigns. Our most sincere endeavor always is to give maximum output from the efforts and that’s why we will never hesitate to make modifications in our strategies for best results.

    • Reach relevant traffic looking for related services instantly
    • Get Immediate Results
    • Target specific geographical locations with ease
    • All devices could be targeted separately
    • If managed well, high ROI is guaranteed
    • No money slab for investment
    • Capable of running campaigns that are language specific
    • Retarget that visitor that did not convert in the first attempt
    • Manage online reputation by displaying Ads over organic search results

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