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  • PHP Web Development

    PHP Web Development Services We Offer

    PHP has emerged as one of the most popular scripting languages today and the one most widely used on web servers. It has great abstractions for websites and it is very cache friendly. Resource management is not an issue while you are using PHP because it has a unaltering response cycle. PHP has a dynamic structure base and it has many built in functions. This is one of the reasons that most of the open source frameworks like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc. are written in PHP.

    Open Source Customization

    TGC Innovation offers you a complete package of Open Source Customization Services. We will help you in everything from integration of services to step by step upgradation of your website using PHP. Whatever be the Open source platform or the type of integration or functionality required by you. TGC Innovation will have a solution for that. Our developers are well versed with PHP and can solve all your queries promptly and provide you the best of our service.

    E-Commerce Website Solutions

    E-Commerce is a serious business today and you wouldn’t want a badly written code to disappoint your customers on day to day basis or compromise on their shopping experience. So, either it is the Payment Gateway Integration, Shopping Cart Integration, Third Party Application integration or the steps to make the checkout process fast and error free our developers can make everything smooth for your website. We can give you a new fully functional E-Commerce store or add new storefronts to your existing E-Commerce store as per your requirement. Our assurance is to write error free codes for your website which can work seamlessly on all major platforms.

    Quick Application Development

    Software Applications which can work on various frameworks have become increasingly important in past few years and have started giving great results to the websites in these times of perennial connectivity. If you want your business to be boosted by any such great application, then TGC Innovation can surely help in the feat. We can develop fully functional and scalable applications in the shortest turn- around time possible so that you can take the best advantage of time. Our applications come with the assurance of being error free, highly secure and easily usable so that you do not have to worry about these issues and we also provide technical support for any problem occurring at a later stage.

    CMS Solutions

    TGC Innovation salutes the entrepreneurial spirit in you and understands the value of time for every business and that’s why we can develop self -reliant CMS solutions for you so that you can create, edit, review, give permission or change content or style of your website at any point of time without having much of technical knowledge or outside help. We understand that looking up to the developer for any such thing can seriously delay your work and hence we can develop a completely customized CMS solution for you on the framework of your choice. From designing and integration of the website to the assimilation of various functionalities, everything will be neatly taken care of so that you do not face any difficulty in using your website. Websites designed by us give you full control of your website and allow you to get them upgraded fast at any point of time so that you do not lag- behind anywhere in this highly competitive arena.

    CRM Integration

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has turned out to be one of the most effective part of lead conversion and has become the mainstay of business for numerous ventures. It helps you in remaining in constant touch with your target clientele and keep them informed. You get a one point platform to remain in constant touch with your clients, see the performance of your landing page, manage your sales and marketing endeavors and build a stronger bond with the prospective customers. TGC Innovation can integrate the best CRM for your website as per your need and choice so that your business can get a helping hand in the form of a wise analyst, adviser and assistant. The CRM can automate most of the statistics, and tasks so that useless time is not wasted on them and things can be prioritized.

    Development of Customized PHP (Web/ App)

    Everyone wants to be treated special and it feels good when you are treated with genuine sincerity. Make your website accustomed to such great marketing tactics with the help of customized application. We can develop excellently scalable PHP websites which can cater to all the needs of your prospective customers without taking the usual boring route. TGC Innovation specializes in developing customized applications and websites for its clients which can cater to all their needs and aspirations.

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