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    Responsive website

    Being easily accessible from any kind of platform has become very important in e-commerce and IT sector. But, website designs can put restrictions on your website as a design which is suitable for wide desktop screen may just become incomprehensible on small smartphone screen and the user may not be able to view your website properly. This can be disastrous as most of the business these days is drawn through smartphone usage. Even the companies encourage impulsive buying and the customer attracted by the offers and discount just try to make the conversion through their smartphones but at such a juncture if your website just opens disproportionately on the screen with the images, text or tabs missing from the screen then it can be a very bad thing for your business. The best way to deal with the issues is to go for a responsive website which can open across all the platforms in the same way.

    TGC Innovation has been offering its services for designing of responsive websites or conversion of older ones into responsive websites. We can do the same to you in a fast and economical way. We provide you assured satisfactory services in this segment so that you can make your business accessible to every user and remain up in the trend.

    Some of the key benefits of responsive web design are:

    Single website for all platforms

    In this age where the maximum stress has shifted to user experience if you are not able to provide the same to your users then you might miss the train of success. It is expected of every website that it opens fast, gives optimum viewing experience and retains its full functionality irrespective of the platform. But, if your website is not a responsive one then this all could be a mirage for you. The reason being that a website which is designed for desktop users will not open properly on mobile screen due to size limitations. The tabs would become too smaller to perform any function on the screen and the user will have a host of other such limitations too. If you want to resolve all such issues then it is very important that you have a responsive website which can work amazingly across all platforms and gives a great viewing experience either it is opened on desktop, mobile or tablet.

    Increase in the audience

    A responsive website can be the best bet for the businesses which intend to sell something on their website because it allows the users to easily use all the functionalities across all platforms. On a normal website, which is built for desktops you can do everything easily on the large screen but when you have to open the same on the mobile screen most of the thing although get resized but they are still not very usable. Many a times action tabs like buy, open, etc. do not remain on the screen or get too small to press. The search box becomes too small to find. This leads to dissatisfaction in mobile users. The fact today is that mobile users constitute the biggest majority of online purchasers and hence by neglecting them you can be taking the risk of neglecting a big chunk of the market.

    Better search engine pickup

    Search engines have become a very important factor these days as they help in showing the doors of your website to the users. But, they rank you according to your accessibility, performance and host of other things. If your website isn’t suitable for mobile users or is too heavy, the search engines will show this on the search page and it may serve as a deterrent to the users who may want to avoid the inconvenience of a slow loading site. So, if you want to have a website which gets easily picked up and promoted by the search engines then having a responsive website can be a good idea for you. TGC Innovation can design the ideal responsive website for you in shortest duration and at the most competitive prices.

    Budget friendly

    The star feature of responsive websites is that they are actually budget friendly. If we group, the mobile users and desktop users as two different segments and make two websites for them respectively then it would mean twice the budget for the websites. It would again mean twice the promotion and marketing budget for the website and the constant fear of duplicity of the content. A responsive website is an answer to this problem. You can have the best of both the website in a single website and hence comfortably save all these duplicate costs in a very budget friendly way.

    TGC Innovation can develop a highly functional and easily accessible responsive website for you at the most economical pricing. Just give us a call to avail our amazing services.

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