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  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization is unarguably one of the best ways to get your website on the top search page results which means getting higher leads and traffic. It is one of the basic things to be done if you are trying to sell anything to the cyber customers. Either you are trying to reach to a global audience through your blog or want to sell products through your Ecommerce store or want to increase traffic to your web portal, SEO is very important for all such things. TGC Innovation can help you in this feat by running comprehensive SEO campaigns for your website. From making your website SEO compliant to ensuring that your website gets great visibility, TGC Innovation can help you in many beneficial ways.

    Some of the SEO Services Offered

    Website Auditing and Optimization

    TGC Innovation believes that the most important step to ensuring high traffic on the website is to make own website SEO oriented. We will scrutinize your website thoroughly to ensure that the website is perfectly organized for SEO campaigns and will remove all the imperfections which can affect your website. From catering to the needs of the users to be favorable for the search engines, everything will be given its due importance so that your website gets SEO ready. We will analyze all the On-Page elements and cover all important constituents like SEO tagging, link building, cross linking, content optimization, etc.

    Analytics Research

    TGC Innovation’s SEO experts possess years of experience in handling Google Analytics and hence we can make focused strategies for the promotion of your website as per the latest trends. Search Engines keep on modifying their algorithms making it difficult for general users to remain abreast but, we can keep your website up to date with the latest trends and techniques. It is our job to understand and analyze new web metrics, and hence we will always do our best by preparing new goals and achieving them by our comprehensive strategies for you.

    Keyword Focus

    It is a well -known fact that keywords play a very important role in getting organic traffic for your website. But, always getting the right keywords and updating them from time to time with the trend is a tedious task. But, TGC Innovation can do that for you without any problem. Our SEO experts will always keep track of the trends through their mastery over various analytic tools and ensure that your website always gets it right. From finding the trending keywords to ensuring that your content gets them in the correct density our experts can do it all. We will always keep your website up to date as per the Google updates and always ensure that you never lag in the race.

    Competitive Edge

    TGC Innovation will always ensure that your website is up to date with the latest trends so that your competitors do not get an edge over you. We will always keep adapting new trends and changes so that your website keeps gaining in the race and you have a better traffic and conversion rate.

    Marketing and SEO

    Marketing is one of the most important arm of any business module and hence we always give it the due credit. We will always remain focused on the marketing on your products and services so that you can get better leads and conversions. We take SEO to be an associate of all marketing campaigns and therefore we always keep marketing efforts very SEO friendly.

    Content Marketing

    Bill Gates had once said ‘Content is King’ in this online world, we always keep the content focused. We pay stress towards keeping the content error free, informative and engaging so that viewer can gain something from it and build a connect with you. TGC Innovation gives Content Marking its due credit in Off-Page optimization. We keep the content highly user oriented and informative so that the readers build a rapport with your website and your online credibility increases.

    Monitoring and Reporting

    Monitoring performance opens the opportunity for improvement and that’s why TGC Innovation will always monitor the response of the website and SEO strategies so that effective steps can be taken for improvement.

    Search Engine Penalty Recovery

    Websites can get penalized from search engines and it can hit the website ranking very adversely. TGC Innovation can help you in recovering from any such penalty. We can make On-Page modifications as per the Penguin updates so that the website can recover fast from the blow and gain its ranking.

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